Construction of the first urban train system in Bolivia

On August 17th, the Bolivian president formally commenced the construction of the first urban train system in Bolivia.

Molinari Rail has established a partnership with the Spanish company Joca to build the first electric train system in Bolivia. The value of the contract for this turnkey project is approximately 385 million euros, spread over a period of three years. It covers the design, the construction as well as operational support for the first three years of operation. The trains will be electrically powered, which fulfills the strategic objective of the Bolivian government to develop an ecological and sustainable transportation system.

The electrical train system of Cochabamba will extend over 42 kilometers with 43 stations. Its three lines will connect the communities of Sipe, Vinto, Quillacollo, Colcaprihua, Sacaba and Cochabamba. The urban train lines will operate 12 train sets at a maximum operating speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Each train set will consist of five segments and provide a capacity to transport 200 to 300 passengers, on a branch with approximately 70,000 daily commuters.


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