We hope that you arrived well in the new year and wish you all the best!In this newsletter we would like to inform you briefly about the most important events that have moved Molinari Rail Group in the last year.But before it gets technical, we would like to thank you very much for the great cooperation and your excellent commitment! Your effort is a major factor in our success.Enjoy the short reading!

Tren Metropolitano de Cochabamba

This project has – in the truest sense of the word – taken off. Michele Molinari, our CEO and company owner, took part in the first test drive of the Tren Metropolitano de Cochabamba in October 2019. The new tram (the Asociación Accidental Tunari decided on vehicles from Stadler Rail) will provide thousands of people with an environmentally friendly mobility option.The construction of the network, its tracks and the depot in Cochabamba is also progressing well. The train line is being built by the Spanish company Joca, with which Molinari Rail AG is forming a consortium.

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Speaking of Bolivia: Molinari Rail Group supports the NGO Pintar en Bolivia. In Cochabamba, the organisation works through "Art Therapy" in Cochabamba to promote the well-being of children and women in difficulty.

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Locomotive Bodies for Rail Milling Trains

From art therapy to the art of welding technology: These locomotive bodies for the fastest rail milling train in the world were already delivered in the first half of 2019. They were manufactured at our german production site in Dessau (Molinari Rail Systems GmbH). Thanks to its newly developed milling units, the special and dynamic designed train achieves high milling speeds.


Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)

Molinari Rail AG has developed specific Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) to ensure that indian locomotive drivers can enjoy also longer breaks in remote places (without teahouse possibility) inside the General Electric ES43ACmi and ES57ACi. These auxiliary power units are used to operate the system control and air conditioning and to charge the batteries without having to switch on the main diesel engine.

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Speaking of Dessau: The team of Molinari Rail Systems GmbH, which is based in Germany, is growing constantly. Additional hiring is expected also this year in. Thanks to its fully integrated production site, Molinari Rail Group is able to carry out production orders, maintenance work and special projects quickly, flexibly and in accordance with customer requirements.


Molinari Rail Group continues to focus on the further development of emission-free propulsion concepts based on hydrogen, hybrid and battery technology. The successes of our shortly developed solutions contribute to the global reduction of the CO2 footprint of mankind. Moreover, they confirm that we are on the right track helping to shape the mobility of the future in a sustainable way.


By the way, Molinari Rail Group supports the next generation of
innovators. The Swiss Science Center Technorama emphasizes the social benefits of technologies. At this adventure center in Winterthur, even small children can come into contact with technologies and natural sciences. Through live experiments they learn to discover, grasp and understand. We therefore support this great institution and invite you to visit it too...

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