Technical Welding Service

  • Advice on procedures and machine technology relating to the product
  • Welding services (choice of welding method, preparation, implementation, monitoring, quality testing)
  • Assessment of existing welded components with regard to all aspects of design, production method and execution


Construction Supervision and Testing

  • Advice on the deployment of production rigs
  • Testing material applications
  • Testing in specified construction phases
  • Initial sampling, type testing, production line and final testing


Production Rig Development and Construction
We provide development and construction from a single source. Our customers thus no longer have to spend time and effort on coordination. By employing the most up-to-date CAD and production techniques, we have created the best conditions for construction paying a special regard to production facilities available. We have the design know-how for the manufacturing of production rigs for components with very close tolerances as well as large rigs for example for chassis. We supply production rigs for applications where high repetition accuracy is essential.

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