Kozzika – New depot for metro line 1 in Cairo

The BECT-Molinari Consortium provides Consultancy and Supervision Services for NAT in design checking and supervision of our services during the construction of the new NAT Depot in Kozzika, Cairo, Egypt.The task is to ensure that works are completed on time, within cost, and meet required quality standards for the new Kozzika Maintenance and Storing Yard, which actually is in construction and will serve for the vehicles of the Metro Line 1 of Cairo.

The scope of work of Molinari Rail includes Signaling, Centralized Control-and Communications Systems as well as Power Supply and Electro-Mechanical works. Our Partner BECT of Cairo is responsible for the scope of work related to Civil and Track-works.

The implementation schedule for the works is 48 months. The Depot shall be ready for operation in 2020.

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