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Company: Molinari Rail AG
Legal form: Limited company
Place: Winterthur
CEO: Michele Molinari
Number of company book: CH-
Company book: Zurich, Switzerland
VAT-Number: CHE-114.939.013

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Company: Molinari Rail Austria GmbH
Legal form: Limited liability corporation
Place: Schwaz, Austria
CEO: Dipl. El. Ing. HTL / MSc Michele Molinari
COO/Managing Director: Joachim Wagner
Number of company book: FN 258664 p
Court of Jurisdiction: Innsbruck
(6020 Innsbruck, Maximilianstrasse 4)
VAT-Number: ATU 61407677


Company: Molinari Rail Systems GmbH
Legal form: Limited liability corporation
Place: Dessau-Rosslau, Germany
CEO: Jan C. Harder und Yajun Zhai
Court of Jurisdiction: Stendal
Number of company book: HRB 24608, Stendal
VAT-Number: DE308691677

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