Cochabamba: Quarterly Report

On the 25. of April the quarterly report of the project in Cochabamba was presented and it explains in detail how the progress of the first electric railway system in Bolivia is going. The according event was conducted by the General Coordinator of the Railway Technical Unit, Ariel Torrico, he was joined by Lars Jaeger from Stadler company, Christoph Lerch from the company BÄR, Fabian Vogt from ErvoCom and the representatives of the Asociación Accidental Tunari (Joint Venture between Molinari Rail and Joca).

The Stadler company is in charge for the manufacturing of 12 trains. The first train will be delivered in 16 months.

Meanwhile the Swiss company BÄR is in charge of the signage system and the company ErvoCom will deliver the communication systems.

Since the project started three months ago, it has had an advance of 3,16%. This means the project is advancing on schedule and for some items they are even ahead. The construction of the central station, for example, which was forseen to start activities in June, has already started in April.


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