Collaboration with Indian Railways

Molinari Rail AG signed long term Strategic Agreement about the engineering and delivery of Auxiliary Power Units for Indian Railways locomotive program

«We at Molinari Rail feel honoured to collaborate with Indian Railways and and the Indian Rail industry. This project is a result of Molinari Rail’s internationalization strategy lately with projects in Ethiopia with Yapi Merkezi and now the projects in Pakistan and India.», commented Jan Harder, Vice President Sales of Molinari Rail AG.

[Winterthur August 9, 2016] Molinari Rail AG entered into a strategic agreement to design, manufacture and deliver the auxiliary power unit, hereinafter referred to as «APU», for each of up to 1.000 diesel locomotives to be built in India for Indian Railways. The delivery will be realized in the next 11 years. The Swiss based Molinari Rail AG will realize this contract together with its Engineering competence center in Schwaz, Austria for the design and engineering. Meeting the Make in India strategy Molinari Rail AG will set up a new manufacturing, assembly and service entity in Lucknow, India in 2017.

“This new strategic agreement builds on our long and successful cooperation with our partners since 2006. For the Molinari Rail team this means a historical milestone entering the Indian Rail market.”, stated Michele Molinari, President and CEO of the Molinari Rail Group. «It was always a personal target for me to establish a sustainable operation in India and we are all excited and committed to this strategic opportunity.”

Molinari Rail is cooperating locally with the Prag Group based in Lucknow, India, a provider of products and services for the railway industry for over 30 years. The cooperation in the field of APU is the starting point and will grow further in the near future.

The APU engineered and designed by Molinari Rail will be integrated into up to 1.000 next generation diesel locomotives over the next 11 years. Molinari Rail is implementing the «Make in India» initiative by realizing a long term manufacturing and maintenance base in India. Molinari Rail will participate beside this project in India’s railway modernization efforts and will provide skill development opportunities for local talent.

About Molinari Rail
As a medium-sized, owner-managed technology company with Swiss roots, Molinari Rail delivers customized solutions for the rail vehicle industry worldwide. We support our customers in the design and development of vehicles and subsystems as well as with vehicle registration, commissioning, maintenance and modernization. Our clients are railway companies, manufacturers of rail vehicles, and construction companies as well as banks, leasing companies and authorities at home and abroad.

As an international, independent, and specialized service provider in the railway sector, Molinari has amassed a wealth of experience in this area and is actively involved with all of the relevant companies and organizations. The industrial methodology and procedure used at Molinari is holistic and oriented toward sustainable development of the projects and customers entrusted to us.

Over the years, Molinari Rail has established a punctual presence in various countries based on the orders and projects completed in each country. As a result, we now have support points in these countries.

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