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Since November 1st 2016, the Molinari Rail Systems GmbH (MRS) in Dessau joined he Molinari Rail Group as a competence centre for manufacturing. The 100 years tradition of wagon building, the highly motivated employees, as well as the specialization provide a crucial know-how lead. Molinari Rail Systems develops, designs and produces for the national and international market. The main focus is on subsystems of rolling stock and their sub-assemblies. MRS also offers services for the entire life cycle of rolling stock.

This year, MRS was able to rebuild two coach body superstructures as a repair after an accident and manufactured sub-assemblies for coach bodies. These include long girders, coupling plates and bogie frames. This year, MRS was also contracted to produce auxiliary bogies and sub-assemblies for urban public transport. The mass production of Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for Molinari Rail AG Switzerland is a new field of activity. The national and international customers secure the order situation and enabled MRS to increase the headcount by 20% within a year. “Made in Dessau” is also convincing internationally and the share of international orders is currently more than 45%. The MRS team worked in 2017 with customers in Kazakhstan, India and the USA. Customer proximity and utmost dedication characterize the new location.


«Neue Arbeitsplätze im Waggonbau Dessau»

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
«Ein Jahr nach Übernahme Molinari hat Fahrzeugtechnik Dessau erfolgreich umgebaut»

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