New Austrian Headquarter

Vienna, here we are! Molinari Rail GmbH has moved its Austrian headquarters from Schwaz (Tyrol) to the city centre of Vienna and warmly welcomes you at Mahlerstrasse 12!

Our presence in the capital city brings us closer to our customers. This enables us to intensify the cooperation and the exchange with Viennese companies, organisations and administrations.

In addition to the Group headquarters in Winterthur (Switzerland) and the production site in Dessau-Rosslau (Germany), Molinari Rail Group thus since two years has two locations in Austria:

1. The sales, supply chain management and project management departments are located in Vienna and directed by Joachim Wagner.

2. The “Technology” competence centre is located in Schwaz and is headed by Eliseo Auciello.

A total of over 50 engineers and specialists work at the two locations in Austria.

Let’s keep on moving by rail!

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