Mission – Values – Actions

Our values are:

Integrity – Responsibility– Respect – Reliability – 360° Thinking – Targeted Communication – Passion

From this, we have developed codes of conduct that shape our daily actions and that serve as the standard by which we measure ourselves. The values are part of every employment contract as well as annual appraisals.


Molinari Rail operates

… proactively
… transparently
… reliably
… with a customer orientation
… in a goal-oriented manner
… with focus
… as a team with the customer


We feel connected and remain loyal to Molinari Rail as well as to our customers and partners.


We are ready to take responsibility and stand by it.


We conduct ourselves with respect, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and one another.


We keep our promises, and we can rely on each other.

360 ° thinking

We consider and take into account all technical, operational, and economic aspects of our actions, and we think outside the box.

Targeted communication

In our daily communication work, we gear our communication style to the respective purpose, goal and recipient, maintaining clarity and precision – both in writing and in speech.


We use our manpower and our passion to develop and implement solutions we can be proud of, and which strengthen our global competitiveness.

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