Everything to know about supplier management

As a pure consulting and engineering company Molinari Rail Group depends on cooperation with qualified suppliers. Thanks to the professional appearance of our subcontractors, we are always a reliable project partner for our customers. A successful supplier management ensures a healthy, permanently expanding supplier relationship, while it reduces the costs of all involved parties. Based on our concerted cooperation we offer each end customer an additional value at any time. By providing customer loyalty we make also sure that all involved parties (customer, supplier, us) can benefit consistently.

Today’s suppliers

Based on your commitment as a supplier you are continually responsible for the Molinari Rail business success. Together we define objectives that we will achieve cooperatively. Jointly we are committed to respect the fundamental rights of our employees and to make our contribution to environmental protection. For further details, please see the mandatory code of conduct.

Future suppliers

The Molinari Rail Group is continuously developing, and so does its supplier portfolio. We are always looking for new, qualified suppliers, which respect our behaviour rules (see Code of Conduct) and are interested in a professional, long-term cooperation.

Code of conduct for suppliers of Molinari Rail AG

Code of conduct for suppliers of Molinari Rail GmbH

General conditions of purchase

Supplier management for continuous improvement

Generally, the aim of supplier management is to provide a uniform method for the analysis of potential and existing suppliers. Thereby supplier management helps to uncover optimization potential and reduce procurement costs. Based on the results sound strategic decisions can be made.

Decisions should be made regarding the following three points:

  • Selection of suitable suppliers from the existing pool and gain new reliable suppliers
  • Analysis and evaluation of individual suppliers
  • Controlling and initiation of improvement measures for better cooperation

General conditions of purchase

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