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Worldwide experience

«Whoever knows the market and the competition well, can align his company for the future.» An in-depth industry analysis can provide a competitive advantage. The early recognition of opportunities, mobility trends or the change of requirements is one of the factors in the success of a business.

Molinari Rail has worldwide experience in the analysis of rail-bound transport systems. On behalf of operators or manufacturers we analyse the operation, technology and future prospects of a country, a region, a line or a transport system.

Information search and evaluation

Collection and analysis of information:

  • Regulative and administrative environment and resulting constraints
  • Investigation of the existing operators and organizations at local and regional levels
  • Analysis of the railway infrastructure and operations, as well as the use of the vehicles, the passenger information systems and energy supplies
  • Identify and assess the market potential in terms of development of railway systems and operations
  • Recognition and evaluation of market potential in relation to the development of railway system and operations
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Analysis of existing alternative systems
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