Railway Technology

Running stability, ride comfort and minimal wheel wear are our interests. The optimum combination and adjustment of various elements to achieve maximum comfort, running performance and safety is our goal.

The optimum dimensioning and combination of the components is the challenge we face with our dynamic and multi-body simulations and optimisations.

Our experience and knowledge is used by us to design and certify running gear and vehicles according to international standards and regulations. Our customers benefit directly from tools and procedures developed by Molinari Rail.

Vehicle and running dynamic analyses

Molinari Rail is your competent partner for the follow areas of vehicle and running dynamics:

  • Investigation and proof of safety against derailing
  • Dimensioning and specification of running gear elements
  • Non-linear running dynamic calculations in the time domain
  • Comfort calculations considering the vibration behaviour of the car body
  • Dynamic calculations for the dimensioning of crash elements
  • Determination of damage equivalent loads for strength calculations from running dynamics results
  • Evaluation of results of running measurements, rain-flow analyses and fatigue strength analyses – the load spectra can be from measurements or simulations
  • Production of certification documents for running stability and other proofs
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