Railway Transportation Systems

We develop concepts for rail related traffic systems in cities and the country

Our concepts and analyses for the city and country help project developers, investors, authorities and operators when deciding on the design of transport systems. We have efficiency, performance and sustainability in focus at all times.

Molinari Rail has rich development experience from many countries on all continents (Europe, North and South America, India, Asia, Russia).

Transportation Systems services

Our studies are a contribution to systematic traffic planning with the aim of improving the performance of the system under different aspects:

  • Tailor-made solutions for current and future transport demands
  • Implementation of spatial planning developments and strategies
  • Consideration of passenger needs such as comfort, convenience and services
  • Environmental and traffic ecology
  • Integration of different actors such as policy, operators and users
  • Consideration of regional economic development
  • Development of routes
  • Simulation of operation and timetable
  • Definition of operation and organization
  • Definition of rolling stock and maintenance
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