Compliance Hotline «Tell Us»

The compliance whistleblower hotline «Tell Us» gives all employees and external stakeholders a secure mechanism for the reporting of compliance violations.

Integrity and transparency are of the highest priority in supporting the confidence our customers, partners and employees place in Molinari Rail. Therefore, it is key for our company to be aware of all compliance violations, especially those that are against the law or violate our Code of Conduct.

The «Tell Us» hotline is for reporting compliance violations per email or via telephone. «Tell Us» can be used by employees and management as well as customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

All reported content is handled exclusively and anonymously by Molinari Rail.

Molinari Rail Group
Compliance Helpdesk
Merkurstrasse 25
CH-8400 Winterthur
Tel: +41 52 320 60 34
Email: compliance[at]

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