Lightweight, highly stressed structures and components are our business. Achieving the maximum performance and operational reliability with a minimum use of materials is our goal.

The right combination of materials and the optimal dimensioning of components made of steel, aluminium or composites are the challenges that we face with our simulations and optimizations.

Our experience and knowledge derived from railway technology is also successfully used by us in other industries. Our customers benefit directly from tools and procedures developed by Molinari Rail.

In the analysis area Molinari Rail offers:

  • Feasibility studies for new concepts
  • FE analysis for conceptual and detailed design of components and subsystems
  • Optimizations for weight reduction, to increase the strength or stiffness
  • Dimensioning of standard components such as bolted connections
  • Planning, coordination and evaluation of structural tests
  • Proof of structural integrity for car bodies, bogie frames and components
  • Consulting during the design phase
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